APOLLO Components List

houston Components

Item Manufacturer Model options
DAQ Board National Instruments PCI-6031E
PCI-Serial Moxa C104H/PCI-DB9
GPIB Controller National Instruments PCI-GPIB

Internet Devices

Item Manufacturer Model options
Terminal Server Lantronix ETS16
IP Power Switch Western Telematic, Inc. (WTI) IPS-400

Thermal Control

Item Manufacturer Model options
RTD Sensors Rdf Corporation 29230-T10-A-24
Noren Chillers Noren Products CC3260
Utah chiller Thermo-Neslab
now Thermo Scientific
M33 LR, 230/60, PD1, LL/LF, RS232
Laser chiller Thermo-Neslab
now Thermo Scientific
M75 230/60, LL/LF, RS232
GPS Air Cooler TE Technology AC-073
GPS Temperature Controller TE Technology TC-24-25 RS232
Flowmeter Omega FP-5300
Flow Ratemeter Omega DPF-701

Timing Electronics

Item Manufacturer Model options
GPS Clock Truetime
now Symmetricom
XL-DC-602-XXX 86-257 low phase noise 10 MHz
86-386 IEEE-488
--- Oven Osc. (5e-9/day) DAC ctrl
Wenzel osc. on low phase noise brd
TDC Phillips Scientific 7186H
GPS-fiber transmitter Agere (formerly Ortel) 3111-A -001, -002, -003
GPS-fiber receiver Agere (formerly Ortel) 4111-A -001, -002, -003, -C01
GPS-fiber ATCi J-BB/APC-SM-H1 -325 FT
Amplifier/Discriminator Ortec 9327

Motion Components

Item Manufacturer Model options
TR Motor QuickControl SilverMax 34N-1
Diffuser Motor Applied Motion HT17-075D -200i
Diffuser Motor Controller Applied Motion 3535
Diffuser Motor Cable U.S. Digital CA-4217-6FT
Optics Actuation Control New Focus 8732 (no longer available)
RX mirror actuator New Focus 8852
Linear Picomotor actuators New Focus 8301

Optical Components and Detectors

Item Manufacturer Model options
Laser Continuum Leopard SS-20 Marx shield
CCD Camera SBIG STV deluxe
Bolometer Head New Focus 3831
Power Meter (bolometer) New Focus 3801
Fast Photodiode (FPD) Hamamatsu G4176
Bias Tee for FPD Picosecond Pulse Labs 5545
Pulse Energy Photodiode Hamamatsu S2281

Misc. Components

Item Manufacturer Model options
Pulse Isolation Transformers Phillips Scientific 425 D and B
Power Supply Bricks AAK Corporation SD, SM, MM, MD models

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