Energy and Human Ambitions on a Finite Planet

Assessing and Adapting to Planetary Limits

This page is both a portal to the Energy and Human Ambitions on a Finite Planet textbook, available for free as a PDF on eScholarship (part of California Digital Libraries), and also as a place to report corrections or leave feedback.

Note that the book is also available in a two-sided print version located in the Supplemental Materials tab on the book's page. You can also purchase a bound print copy at for about $25 (print cost only; no profits/royalties), which is also linked from the book's page via a "Buy in Print" button.

If you intend to use this text for teaching a class, I also plan to make the content available through Kudu in due time.

To more fully enjoy the book in electronic form, take advantage of internal links to and from the glossary, bibliography, and to figures, tables, sections, etc. This experience is far more effective once mastering how to navigate "back" in your PDF viewer. The "How to Use This Book" section at the beginning of the book offers some tips on accomplishing this.

Corrections, Feedback, and Endorsements

Typos and Minor Corrections: For simple corrections, typos, mistakes, etc., please use this form.

Substantive Feedback: use this for more significant comments on:

Endorsements: in case you would like to add your voice to help others appreciate the value of this book. Once a few are in hand, they will be posted in some form (if given permission).

By the Numbers

Possibly of little interest, but here nonetheless is a quantitative account of what's in the book:

chapters 20
appendices 4
populated pages 463
problems 436
problem guides 391
graphics/images 217
figures (captioned) 171
tables (captioned) 70
margin notes 1437
definitions 48
examples 115
boxes 72
equations 85
glossary entries 219
glossary references 1427
index entries 616
index references 1315
student feedback items 2597
lines in source files 31,500
words in source files 220,000

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