Physics 10: Final Exam Study Guide

Spring Term, 2008

The final exam will cover lecture material from May 7 (Lecture 13 on Rockets and Gravity) through the last lecture (June 6, Lecture 24 on the Frontiers of Physics). While the exam is not cumulative in the strict sense, you will need to remember some of the basic concepts from the first half, like force, work, energy, power. These concepts have continued to play a role in the second half of the course.

You may also want to study the transmitter questions we saw in class. These will be posted on the Lectures page (look for the last entry). Note also the first-half questions after Lecture 11 on the same page.

Below are the topics that are likely to appear in some form on the exam. The exam will consist of multiple choice, true/false, and short answer. I'll give you a bucket of equations on the front page of the exam, though fewer will be needed than on the first exam, due to the more qualitative nature of the second half of the course.