Physics 10: Questions about the Why and How

Science is as much about asking questions as providing answers. It is therefore important for students to ask as well as answer questions. Every other week, you will be asked to contribute a question about the physical world. Keep them short and to the point. Examples include:

They don't all have to be questions. They can also assume the form of observations, perhaps accompanied by hypotheses:

I'm sure that each of you is capable of creating questions/observations on the spot, but try to ask/contribute something that you've actually thought about before. If you've never thought about these kinds of things before—good—this will get you to start. Just know that no question is stupid. Don't be afraid of what you don't understand. Often the world's best scientists have been unable to provide satisfactory answers to even the simplest questions. In fact, the very best questions, in my opinion, often come from children, who are unencumbered by the burden of peer judgment. So let your natural curiosity take hold, and let's see what happens.

I will periodically select questions/observations whose imagination/pertinence/spirit are particularly good, and put them on the web (with responses) for all to see and enjoy. I hope to devote some time in class to your questions as well.

Instructions for Submission

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