WebCT Access Hints

If you have not used WebCT before, or are having difficulty figuring out how to get in, here are a couple of websites that may help:

Your username should be the same as for your UCSD (ACS) e-mail account. If you need to look this up, you can go to: http://sdacs.ucsd.edu/~icc/ and look up using your LAST NAME.

If you need to establish a password, you can reset it at: http://www-acs.ucsd.edu/account-tools/gpasswd.shtml

If you know your ACS password, and still have trouble getting in, try the first 8 characters only of your password. This has helped folks in the past.

If you are an extension student, or added the class late, you may not have an account set up yet. In this case, you may need to fill out an add slip. Check with Tom and/or Adam to see if they have an add slip. If not, you can go to the ACS office in the AP&M building on the 2nd floor.

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