UCSD Physics 120B Projects from Winter 2014

Flyer with project names/teams (PDF)


Ryan Layton: Maze Crawler Robot

Autonomous crawler sensing walls, defaults to right turns; solves maze; Co-winner of Most Impressive

started in left corner; made R, R, R, R, 180, L turns so far; green wall signals end

IR sensors everywhere!

hold 'er back!

Sebastian Pfaff and Adrian Wong: Bluetooth Beamer (BMW)

Bluetooth car controlled by accelerometer (tilt) hand paddle with LCD

car and paddle

tilt paddle forward/back for drive/reverse and turn like steering wheel for turns

Jesse Cohen and Eric Iwinski: Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Smart door that opened to secret knock if RF-ID present; funny sound effects; Winner of Most Awesomest

ominous green eye

RF coil upper right; piezo sensor middle; speakers for sound clips (wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!)

mating coil hidden up sleeve: tricked audience

Slater McArdle and Rhiannon Williams: Groovebot

Dance Robot modified to boogie to ambient music, depending on tones/beats


Packin' Arduino

Mad Moves

Kirill Kouprine and Christina Valen: ARFF: Automated RF Finder

Car that could locate RF transmitter and steer toward source

antenna on car pivots 360 and finds direction to source

Thomas Morales and Molly Whitnack: Smart Safe

Solid safe with keypad entry/electronic open; dialed actual phone if foul play suspected; Co-winner of Most Impressive

keypad, LCD

Gold in there! Dialed cell phones depending on which kind of offense (police/owner)

A stick-up! Excellent.

Vicente Espinoza and Adrian Cusigch Botamino: Block Mopper Hopper

Rolling platform located junk on floor, maneuvered and grabbed to put in basket

claw would grab block and raise up to drop on back; IR sensors on clear horse-shoe localized

Jonathan Trisnadi: Turn Your Voice Up (or Down)

Playback of recorded sound pitched up or down according to potentiometer value while recording

Simple hardware; complexity in computer/software end

Becca Bladorn and Danny Chi: Linearity is a Rarity: taping the future of transport?

Car followed tape-line track on floor by optical sensing

LEDs illuminated path

you calling me a liar?

car had good "track" record (ha-ha) for staying on tape line

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