Physics 8: Final Exam Study Guide

Spring Term, 2006

The final exam will cover lecture material from Tuesday, 05/02 on Sound (Lecture 10) through the lecture on Thursday, 06/08 (Lecture 20). You will also want to remember basic definitions from the first part of the quarter dealing with forces, work, energy, power, etc.

You may also want to study the transmitter questions (PDF |PPT) we've had in class.

Below are the topics that are likely to appear in some form on the exam. The exam will consist of 40 multiple choice, 10 true/false, and 5 short answer questions. I'll give you a bucket of equations on the exam (See example front page). It may help you to know that I construct the exam from this study guide. I make the study guide by scanning the lectures and asking: "What do I want the students to take away from this?" Then I create exam questions by looking at each item and asking: "What can I ask to see if a student understands this concept?" This suggests a study strategy: ask yourself if you understand the concepts on the page: this can be more than remembering what the page says.