Physics 8: Course Outline

Spring Term, 2006


Course Content

This course will focus on physics as it applies to everyday situations. Topics will include how much of our technology works (TV, radio, microwaves, cell phones, computers, GPS), why things look, sound, and feel the way they do, how we get our electricity and put it to use, the physics of heat, food, motion, and lots more. The treatment will be both qualitative and quantitative in nature. The course is designed to have many demonstrations and student participation.

Grading Scheme

Grades will be curved to fairly represent student capabilities

Required Textbook:

How Things Work: The Physics of Everyday Life, 3rd edition, by Louis A. Bloomfield

Transmitter Required:

For class participation credit, purchase a transmitter from the bookstore or from another student. See the class web page: for more details.

Class Meeting Times:

Lecture: Warren Lecture Hall (WLH) 2005, TTh 2:00–3:20 PM
Discussion: Center Hall 214, W 4:00–4:50 PM
Problem Session: CSB 002, W 7:00–7:50 PM

Contact Information:

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