Equalization Cycle

PV data plot

These plots show (for the same day) an equalization of the batteries in the two systems (system #1 at top; system #2 at bottom). This involves raising the battery voltage to something around 15.5 V (ideal set-point depends on temperature and battery manufacture) for an hour or more. This has the effect of replenishing the electrolyte with materials that have been plated onto the lead plates. Most good charge controllers can perform an equalization cycle. This should be done roughly once per month.

Note the roughly constant power needed to maintain this state—though it is not unusual to see an initially higher power/current as is seen in the blue curve for system #2 (bottom).
PV data plot

Note also that the system monitor shows both batteries over 100% full during equalization. This makes sense if the battery was full before the cycle and extra current is pumped in during equalization. The monitor resets to 100% after equalization is complete.

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