Physics 124: Assignments

Winter Term, 2015

Assignment Due Date
Read the Getting Started book that comes with the kit
(A virtually identical edition is available electronically)
during first week
Lab 1 Due by Tue/Wed 1-12/13, 2PM, dep. on section
Lab 2 Due by Tue/Wed 1-19/20, 2PM, dep. on section
Lab 3 Due by Tue/Wed 1-26/27, 2PM, dep. on section
Project Proposal (See Lecture 6 (PDF)) Due Friday, Feb. 5
Lab 4 Due by Tue/Wed 2-9/10, 2PM, dep. on section
Midterm Exam: from-scratch code example Wed 2/10, 1PM Mayer 2623
Final Project Demonstration Friday, March 18, high noon

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