Physics 124: Laboratory Projects (a.k.a. The Robot Wars)

Winter Term, 2016

Class meets MWF 1:00 to 1:50 PM, Mayer Hall Addition 2623.
The lab session formally meets Tuesday and Wednesday: 2:00 to 6:00 PM in MHA 3544/3574
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Lab Information

Documentation and Useful Links


Professor and Teaching Assistant Contact Info


Tom Murphy
SERF Buliding (930), Room 336, 534-1844
tmurphy / physics ucsd edu
Office hours: drop by SERF 336 M,T,W,F AM or M,Th,F PM
Office hours also by appointment (e-mail, phone, personal, drop by)
Julio Barreiro
jubarreiro / ucsd edu
Office: MHA 4531

Teaching Assistants:

Clayton Anderson
ckanders / ucsd edu
Office: will use MHA 3544 (lab) as office
Office hours: Mon 3–4 PM; Tue 1–2 PM
Office hours also by appointment
Paul Lauria
plauria / ucsd edu
Office: will use MHA 3544 (lab) as office
Office hours: Fri 2–3 PM; Mon 2–3 PM
Office hours also by appointment

Course Description

First, the terse catalog description:

A laboratory-lecture-project course featuring creation of an experimental apparatus in teams of about two. Emphasis is on electronic sensing of the physical environment and actuating physical responses. The course will use a computer interface such as the Arduino. Physics 124 was formerly numbered Physics 120B. Program or material fee may apply. Prerequisites: Physics 120. (W)

Now an expanded version:

The first five weeks of the course will familiarize students with the Arduino microcontroller package, as well as various sensors and actuators. The second half of the quarter will focus on a creative project using manuy of these pieces. Weekly lab assignments in the first half will ensure that students are on track, and will account for a third of the grade. Midway through the quarter, a project proposal will be evaluated considering feasibility, appropriate level, and available resources. Discipline and steady progress (tortoise preferred over hare) will be important to seeing the project through, as well as good communication/coordination with partner. On Friday of finals week, a demonstration of all projects will take place, open to others in the department (popular event). Performance on the project will account for the remainder of the grade, with some consideration toward noted presence in lecture and lab.