Physics 239: Lectures

Lecture 1 (Fermi Problems): (PDF)

Lecture 2 (Energy Scales in Society): (PDF)

Lecture 3 (Renewable Energy Scales): (PDF)

See also Frank Shu's Global Energy article (Appendix has suite of renewable energy estimates)

Lecture 4 (Units: E&M, Natural): (PDF)

Lecture 5 (Buckingham Pi Theorem): (PDF)

Lecture 6 (Everyday Drag): (PDF)

Lecture 7 (Lift/Flight): (PDF)

Lecture 8 (Boundary Layer, Fluids, Surface Tension): (PDF)

Lecture 9 (Water Waves, All Flavors): (PDF)

Lecture 10 (Hobo-Style Stat Mech): (PDF)

Lecture 11 (Heat Transfer): (PDF)

Lecture 12 (Mechanics of Materials): (PDF)

Lecture 13 (Sound): (PDF)

Lecture 14 (Human Machine): (PDF)

Lecture 15 (Atmosphere and Weather): (PDF)

Lecture 16 (Climate Change): (PDF)

see also the article by Hafemeister and Schwartz and the Pierrehumbert article on radiative transfer.

Lecture 17 (Optical Phenomena): (PDF)

Lecture 18 (Nuclear Physics): (PDF)

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